Weekend 4C Curls and Pops of color

STOP . . . . . Hammer time (Picture me two legit to quitting it)

Okay, I’m back; I had to gather myself. Do you see those 4C curls pop-lock-and-popping?! I’m just saying; my flat twist/Bantu Knot out, that I did about 6 days ago . . . is STILL giving me life. All this time, I’ve been dreading the countless hours; stiff yet strong and limpy arms achy and bruised fangas (fingers for you proper gals) sleepless nights hot ass-piring hood dyers . . . all of this for the love of some fabulous rodded curls. Don’t get me wrong, the end-results were always amazing, but “that process though” . . . Freaking time consuming and torture; however, I was cute though.

Pops of color, oh my!! Β I love bright, very vivid clothing but I also love black, brown, grey and white. Actually, I love anything that looks good on me. I’m just saying!

Anywho, so I paired my black faux leather bow tie shorts and oversized midriff sweater with a pair of jet black tights and my black stiletto . . . which by the way, photo purposes only; afterwards I place them nicely back into my closet . . . feet hurt, who; not me. And last but not least, my go to lip color; my signature color perhaps . . . Vintage Ruby Woo. Style complete!!

Sweater | H&M

Faux leather bow tie shorts | Zara

Jet black tights | Forever 21

Black stiletto pumps | Zara

Black handbag | Michael Kors

FYI: All of these items were purchased over a year ago. She, me, her doesn’t throw away anything. Last-season, mid-season, off-season; I don’t care. I wear what I want, I set the trends; not follow them. Whoop whoop!!

Thanks for reading, you’re awesome!

πŸ’‹ -Mika T-


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