Hi, I’m Mika; welcome to Through the Lens of Mika. So, you want to know about little ole’ me?! Well, I started this blog in 2010. I started it as an extension to my company Think Fashion Then Style, a platform to talk about one of my passions, Fashion. However; over the years life happened and I kind of grew from just talking, thinking, being about Fashion. Change is good right? Well, it took me almost a year to part with my original name, Think Fashion Then Style. I mean it was my baby, my very first business venture, my very first blog name, website name, etc. I’ve come to gripes that change in inevitable. Change means growth occurred somewhere along our life journey. So, I’m okay now; my vision of the new direction in which I’m headed feels so amazing. I have so many ideas and so much in-store for you. Just you wait!

Any-who the once Fashion Blogger, has turned into a Lifestyle Blogger: My love and passion for Fashion has not faded (It never will, it’s my first love); however, each time I write a piece, Fashion seems to become less and less relevant. 

My goal is to be as completely transparent as possible; you’ll come to understand and love all of my flaws. My hope is that you’ll enjoy my personal thoughts/views on a variety of issues: Life, Love, Being a Black Woman, Good Food, Natural Hair, Fashion and whatever tickles my little fancy and pops into this ever so rambling brain of mine. 

I hope that you enjoy, share, like and/or comment. You’re welcomed to stay and visit as often as you like. I look forward to chatting with you.

Happy Blogging . . . Sincerely, Mika đź’‹

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    1. Hi Trinity, my apologies for such a late response. Thank you for your kind words. I started my locs myself, after watching an array of YouTube videos. Lol Via two-strand twist. I’ve kept them maintained myself with the exception of one person re-twisting them for me, every blue special moon occasion. Lol That’s pretty much it. I don’t do a lot of styles, I just let them d o what they do, for the most part.

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