Cocktails, Art and Jazz . . . High Museum of Art – Atlanta

Last month my fabulous girls and I decided to attend Jazz @ the High. It was the perfect girls night out for some fashionable budgetnistas.

The event takes place every third Friday of each month and once again, because we’re budgetnistas . . . $10 bucks for Jazz, Art, and a fun night out in the city isn’t too shabby, who could deny such a great deal.

There’s gorgeous people dressed to impress, food, drinks, art and jazz of course . . . I’d say it was the perfect night out.

You’re able to prepay via the High Museum of Art Β website for parking or do like my girls and I, catch MARTA to the Arts Center Station . . . because it’s smarter and plus it made me feel all Sex and The City-ish . . . I’m Samantha by the way.

Any-who, just remember that doors normally open at 6:00pm and that seating is limited. That’s if you want to sit of course . . . we didn’t bother sitting; for one we can never be on time for anything, so by the time that we arrived it was already a packed house, and two; who wants to sit when you and your girls are looking extra fabulous and fashionably fly. Aside from that, walking through the gallery as we listened to the awesome sounds of smooth jazz, was much more sexier. I totally felt grown-up, I mean; not that I’m not an adult because lets face it, I’m 35 years old and not getting any younger (I TOTALLY DON’T LOOK IT . . . don’t be jelly) but I’m a total kid at heart and definitely don’t feel like I’m close to 40.

There’s even a group rate for groups of 10+ @ a rate of $8.25 . . .Β So, gather your girls or that special someone and enjoy a night out on the town. It’ll be well worth your $10 bucks, I promise.



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