Unapologetic BLACK woman

I was born black, I was once a little black girl and I’m now a black woman . . . what is there to apologize about?

My melanin is a dark brown-coconut glazed-pecan tan, and I just so happen to LOVE it. Nope, I’m not cute for a black girl; I’m pretty sure I’m just cute.

I wear my hair in its NATURAL state, yep; the way God knitted it (every single kinky follicle) . . . I head-wrap my kinky and sometimes hard to manage curls; I rock curly Afros, twists and sometimes a press (straight hair) . . . nope, wearing my hair straight doesn’t equate to me “trying to be white” . . . my tresses are the epitome of Black Girl Magic. Straight today, kinky tomorrow, long next month, curly on Tuesday. img_4424

“But you speak so well . . .” Is that so? Sorry to dim the light on your stereotype but I speak proper English, my grammar is quite immaculate . . . formulating complete sentences and what not, correct punctuation and what not.

My musical playlist will switch from . . . Maroon Five to Adele , to Ed Sheeran to Green Day to Banks . . . then I’ll swing around to my conscious Kings and Queens . . . a little Fatbelly Bella, J. Cole, Jilly from Philly, Lauryn Hill, Tupac and Solange’ . . . versatile black girl; yep, that’s me.


My lips are plump, my nose a little wide, eyes are just brown, and my smile is never upside down . . . I have every reason to be smiling, simply because I’m proud . . . Yep, “I’m black and I’m proud”

I’m a Sage burning, astrology studying, star-gazing, yoga on Saturday’s, Farmers Market shopping, Food is my medicine, Freethinking; loving and giving Black Woman. Fearlessly authentic!!!

I’m educated; not just through institutions but I read. I also research and then I research my research.

I adore black men . . . Black Men, you are freaking amazing. My love for being a Black Woman wouldn’t equate to much if I didn’t love and cherish Black Men.

I inform and I inspire . . . I use my voice appropriately; NO, I will not stop talking about racial injustice . . . NO, I will not be censored; I prefer that you listen.

So, nope; I won’t apologize for being black, for saying “Black Lives Matter” . . . Yes, All Lives Matter; however, before we can guarantee the world that All Lives Matter, we must first remember that black lives are to be included. I am a Black Woman, that; fortunate for me, will never change; therefore . . . supporting back businesses, loving black men, teaching my seeds about their culture as opposed to what’s being taught in our schools, speaking about injustice, loving thy whole self, hash-tagging Melanin poppin, Black Girl Magic, Team Natural, advocating for those without a voice . . . These things WILL continue. Most importantly; I will love being a black woman, until I no longer can grace the surfaces of this earth.

Love Mika 💋, an unapologetic Black Woman

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