img_4389I’m no photographer nor am I a model; however, I must admit that I love being in front of the camera and behind it. People say I’m always camera ready. I’d say that there’s much truth to that. I’m the one that everyone knows will have her camera ready for action at the click of a second. I take my girl (Nikon 3100) with me everywhere I go. Hey, you never know when it may come in handy. So, always be camera ready around me. Say cheese . . . 

So why do I take pictures? Well, I absolutely love beautiful Art and since I can barely paint I guess the next best thing is photography. “Photographers are painters in a hurry so to speak” A photo is a lasting memory that you can always refer back to, a photo will bring back memories that had been forgotten or perhaps bring a smile across a weeping face.

With that being said I share with you a few of my photos. I hope you enjoy!

Sincerely, Mikađź’‹




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