A time to be present with SELF

By now we’ve all probably been affected by the sudden turn of events. This is definitely a time of many uncertainties. More so than fear; my heart aches for those who have loss their lives, those who’ve lost their jobs, those who don’t have the means to prepare themselves for the days and months ahead. Although my heart has a huge space full of empathy – I’m choosing to see the bright side of things . . .

Now is the perfect time to be present with our loved ones and most important; ourselves.

We’re often so busy in our day-to-day lives that we forget or simply don’t have (make) time to laugh, eat dinner together, talk about how our day went, say I love you, etc. In this present moment, we’ve been given the keys to peace. We have the pleasure of living life for the reasons that really matter.

Ask yourselves these questions???

Humans; when this pandemic is over, will we go back to our old ways? Will we treat nature and our loved ones as though they’re disposable? Or will we look back on this moment etched into the memory banks of our brains – and think of the memories that we’ve created in the mist of mishap?

Uncertain times have haunted our daily lives – will we use these present times as a source for continued growth or will we return to old ways?

Nature and our loved ones are counting on us to make LIFE worthy decisions.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Love Mika

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