Love Desired, Deserved and Celebrated

Often times my thoughts overtake me. The other day, my thoughts took me to a moment, to a place that I’ve longed for and desired – LOVE. I’ve loved and lost but I’ve never truly been celebrated. I’ve loved from the depths of my soul but I’ve never been loved the same in return. I’ve celebrated those that I love; for reasons, seasons and just because I felt as though they were worthy of being celebrated but I’ve never been celebrated in return. When I say “never”, don’t take me so literal. To be truly celebrated, loved and desired; it takes much more than the surface or “theory” of love. See, I envision a love so deep, that I’m not even sure if there is another human capable of loving me in this manner.

Maybe I’m just a fairy tail dreamer, waiting on an invisible Prince charming to Desire, Deserve and Celebrate me.

Xoxo – Mika

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