Birthday reflections and blessings . . . 37 will be amazing

Another year of life has rapidly passed me by. Good bye 36; hello 37! Although this past year seemingly moved swiftly, I must say that I enjoyed 36 like never before. Majority of the things that I hoped for, dreamt of, spoke into the universe; I achieved. Hmmm . . . Perhaps I should have set my goals much higher. Who knew that I could achieve the desires of my heart by simply believing, I mean truly believing (within, from deep within my soul and heart) that I could achieve them. God and the universe conspired to give me a wonderful year of life, things can only get better. I believe life is going to blow me away, some amazingly awesome things are on the horizon. Life isn’t perfect but it’s definitely good, I am blessed beyond my very own imagination. Thank you universe and thank you God!


I let love fully in. I mean, I relinquished all (almost all lol) of my rights to love. Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m a love machine. Love is amazing, being able to give it and receive it. Although, I’m a woman that fancies love, I still had a hard time allowing it to just be. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a control freak. So, any-who; I decided that; if I want awesome, amazing and electrifying love that I always dream and fantasize about then maybe I should just let love do its own thing. That’s exactly what I did. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I confessed my inner most secretive feelings to my mate, no matter how corny it felt or sounded. As often as I felt it, I expressed it. I just let love have its way. I learned that it’s easier to accomplish things when you’re not trying to dictate them. Not trying to apply all of these rules to them. Just go with the flow, it’s such an easier ride. Love definitely wins!

I fell in love with life. Life is totally what we make of it. Ultimately its about what we put in . . . whatever comes out, is determined by those exact things (time, energy, belief, etc,) that we put in. Yes, sometimes things don’t go as we planned but totally believing in yourself and what life has the potential to offer us, that’s what’s important. Being as though we only have one chance on earth to enjoy this life that God has granted us, we must take full advantage of it. Laugh more, forgive easily, love even when you’re afraid, go with the flow but be smart, stop with all the rules for a successful marriage or relationship; just enjoy each other, let love overtake you and flourish in this beautiful thing called love, give as often as possible and not second guess it, once the gift is given it’s not up to you what one will do with it, your purpose is to help others along their journey . . . I decided to simply just let go (release control) and started appreciating life and those in my life, a lot more.

I spent more time with my G-Baby; that’s what I call my God-Son Parker. See, being a God-Parent is an important gift and role. I’ll admit, I didn’t quite take my role seriously enough. Yes, I love my G-Baby, but just loving him wasnt enough. For someone to trust you to be such as an amazing title, that’s something beyond amazing. This little boy is awesome, between him and my son Caden; they’re the most amazing little guys that I know. Theres always laughter, interesting conversations, loads of kisses and hugs and just pure bliss. My G-Baby is totally better than yours.

I laughed more. Like the old saying goes, “Laughter is good for the soul” Indeed it is, it’s one of the greatest medicines. There were times when I wanted to curse, fuss, yell and even scream but I opted for laughter. You see, some things just aren’t disrupting your energy for. Laugh instead, I promise you’ll feel better.

My best-friend of over 20 years celebrated 10 years of marriage. We celebrated their 10 year vow-renewal in Mexico and boy did we have an interesting lol, amazing and awesome time. Love is amazing, I look forward to marriage one day. 10 years and a life time to go.

I increased my credit score, significantly. I’ve been working so diligently to get my finances and credit together. I’m not where I desire but I’m getting there. The key is to just start. My score was in the 500’s; I know, not so great right. See, I started this journey with only intentions of getting my score up but as It grew, I learned. It’s so much more to a “high credit score”. That’s no longer my focus, see my focus is to be debt free, financially literate and free.

I started back doing yoga, on a more consistent basis. Yoga is so awesome. It’s not jus something you do, it’s a journey and a lifestyle. It’s one of the most peaceful and calming journeys along life that I’ve experienced. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, it calms me. When I’m not sure what I’m feeling, it gives me clarity. Yoga is the ish!

I didn’t give up on blogging. Yah me! Let me tell you a little secret, I wanted to give up soooo many times. “No one is reading it” “No one cares about what I have to say” “No one follows me” “It’s impossible to turn this into a brand” blah blah blah, you name it, I’ve almost talked myself out it a million times. I kept going y’all, I’m still going. I’m sure there will be more days ahead of me where I’ll probably want to quit again; however, somewhere deep within I just pray I’ll keep going.

I started my Loc journey. Listen, this may be the most amazing thing that’s happened this entire year. Lol You beauties have no idea how long I’ve wanted to loc my hair, I’m talking years. The journey has been a task; however, nothing id like to trade for it. There are days when I don’t feel beautiful enough or I think my my hair looks totally whack, then there are those days when I’m on high and you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the cutest little chocolate petite, loc headed woman. lol Its a journey, and like most journeys through life; there are hurdles. You don’t cut it off or give up, you keep going. The hardest of days don’t last very long. Find something, even if it’s one thing, about your journey that you love and you build off of that. I’m learning and loving my journey daily. I’m a few days shy of 7 months and I can’t wait for the year mark.

I started an amazing spiritual journey. I left the church, let go of an organized titled religion and gained a relationship with just God. It’s been one amazing journey. There’s no better feeling than having a pure relationship with God. I don’t pray often, I don’t have these go into a closet and talk to God kind of moments. Nope, I have within my heart this indescribable bond and connection to God and the universe. I know without a doubt who my creator is and what he’s done. I know that my existence would not be without Him. I know that the stars, the moon, the ocean, beautiful creatures like butterflies and lady bugs wouldn’t exist without Him. I’m learning that He has given us all the tools that we need to have a happy, whole, successful and giving life on earth. When we manifest our wants and desires; there’s nothing that can stop it from happening, if we just believe. I mean truly believe without a shadow of a doubt. Have faith in His word. I’m so thankful for this journey. Life  is what you choose to make of it, God gave us everything that we need, it’s left up to us to utilize it.

I fell in love with nature. Theres nothing more beautiful and amazing than Gods creations. The stars, the moon, the trees, the ocean, flowers, etc. I had never been a “nature” person; always loved the ocean though because it always brought calmness. However, never just an outdoor type of girl. This past year though; getting my vitamin D on, grounding (walking along the earth bare feet, taking in the energy), studying astrology (gaining knowledge about the stars and planets), chasing butterflies (with hopes that one lands on me ever so gently) and just simply enjoying the smell of a cool Autumn morning . . . Nature is simply amazing. Thank you God!

Ask and we shall receive, believe and we shall accomplish things we never fathomed. -Mika T

As I type this, I really can’t think of anything bad or unfortunate that’s happened this past year. I’m sure there was something but apparently it wasn’t worth me remembering. All I know is, I promised myself an amazing life going forward and that’s what I’m going to have. So far I guess I’m on the right path. Thank you God, thank you universe, 37 is going to be lit. I’m manifesting my first home, being debt free, an abundant life full of happiness, love, and the ability to give to those that don’t have. 37, you’re gone to knock my socks off, I just know it. As I age, I look forward to getting older  because knowledge is gained each step of the journey.

I sashay’ed into 36, I’m going to fiercely and boldly walk into 37 like it belongs to only me. Every single thing I manifest will be mine. I look forward to sharing this journey with you all. Ask and we shall receive, believe and we shall accomplish things we never fathomed.

So, what did I do for my 37th born-day; I’m partied, duh. And boy what an amazing time did I have. I won’t expound on the fun but yea, lol. I danced the night away. Life is good and it’s damn sure worth celebrating. Every single day of life should be a celebration. I’ve only got one shot to enjoy the life God gave me, damn it I’m going to enjoy it. One other thing, I’ve always wanted to take really hot professional photos, so that’s exactly what I did for my birthday. Flaws and all, I got in front the camera, and as awkward as it may have been lol, I enjoyed every moment. I worked with one of the most amazing photographers (James Pennie, Photography) I’ve ever worked with, his work is astounding. I look good don’t I! Lol Goodbye 36, well hello there 37.

37, you’re going to be the shit girl! 

Sincerely, Mika 💋

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