My favorite Fall sweatshirt

Yah, it’s offIcially Fall but not according to Georgia temperatures; 80 who, but it’s Fall Mother Nature . . . please be so kind and act accordingly. Hey, it’s okay, it hasn’t stopped me one time from wearing my favorite sweater. Well; I do rush home from work in the evenings to strip down because unfortunately it’s 55/60 degrees In the mornings (perfect weather) and temperature set to hell during the evenings. “What is you doing Mother Nature, girl can we have Fall or not”.

Any-who take a look at my favorite Fall sweater/sweatshirt worn an array of ways:

I purchased this sweater/sweatshirt about 3 years ago from Zara and I’ve loved it ever sense. It’s become a Fall staple piece for me.

Zara Sweatshirt
**Not my photo, found on the web** It belongs to

Here are a few ways that I wear it:

Leopard Tights: Express

Black Booties: Aldo

Sweater/Sweatshirt: Zara

Jeans: Levi’s

Black Pumps: Zara

Hat: Target

Cardigan: Target

Dress: Zara (I just layered the sweater over the dress)

Hat: Target

Black Bootie: Aldo

This is how I create versatility. Don’t be afraid to utilize and maximize what’s in your closet. There’s always more than one way to wear an item. There’s no such thing as seasonal clothing (in my opinion) with layering you can easily turn a “Summer” item with the perfect Fall/Winter piece into something magical  -a brand new outfit-. You don’t need a lot of money to be “fashionable”; besides you determine what’s fashionable or not. Style  exceeds fashionable, be stylish; it’s your right.

What’s your staple piece? 

Sincerely, Mika πŸ’‹

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