Black Love

The first time you fell in love, do you remember it? The good times, the laughter, the heartache, the time you listened to that one song (on repeat) and it helped heal a broken heart that you thought you’d never recover from, that first “I love you”, late night phone conversations about the future, butterflies in your stomach when their name appeared across your caller ID, a smile as bright as the sun just from the thought of them, their walk makes you smile – blush – fantasize – weak . . . the very first time you realized that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this one human. Yes, that kind of love!

I know that love is universal; however, there’s something magnificent about Black Love. You see there’s something special about love shared between a black man and a black woman. Perhaps I’m bias because I’m a black woman that’s experienced Black Love . . . Or maybe it’s just that magical. Either way, it’s beautiful.

A love that society paints a picture of as “lacking”, nonexistence, toxic and rare . . . RARE, I don’t believe it because the love that I know, the love that I see through my family and friends, that Black Love; it’s amazingly awesome and it’s totally relevant.

Love: An intense feeling of deep affection. ~Google

Black Love: A connection between a black man and a black woman on a level just beneath God. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual . . . a combination that creates this wonderful synergy. A black woman and black man who truly understands their existence in relation to one another. ~BlakverbΒ 

Fearless Love: Despite Obstacles, Black Love Is β€˜Incredibly Resilient And Beautiful’~Rahel Gebreyes

See despite what “they” may say, whoever “they” may be; our love is revolutionary. Although as a race we’ve suffered immensely, we’re still growing strong. So forget what they may say . . . Kings, love on your black Queens; don’t allow anyone to tear them down, protect them and lift them up. Queens, Love on your black Kings; don’t allow the media to portray them as anything less than the outstanding Kings that they are.



Sincerely, Mika πŸ’‹




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