Embracing My Natural Hair

Kinky, nappy, versatile, curly, big, shrunken, chemical free, beautiful, eye-catching, intriguing, stubborn, fabulous, bold and birthed by Mother Nature, my God given coils were prouduced on purpose . . . I am Tomika’s hair.

This is my hair; my crown! My spirit and my hair are what you’ll notice before I even speak. The best thing I could have done, 6 years ago, was become natural. Β Mistakes, yes! Regrets, no; not a single one. Everyday is still a learning process.

My hair does not look like the naturally curly girls (who are by the way, fabulous) in your magazines or on television. I can’t rock a wash-and-go, I don’t wake up fabulous (well I do, but this crown takes time) . . . My crown is not what most think; It takes patience, discipline, courage, and strength to rock my natural tresses in a society that doesn’t think it’s appropriate or desirable. I co-wash, pre-poo, twist, deep-condition, steam, stretch, use a million bottles of conditioner, a thousand jars of organic virgin coconut Oil, I go through jars of edge control, I break a million combs and pop a gazillion perm robs . . . Doesn’t sound easy huh?! Well, it’s not, but I love it; the end result is fabulous and well worth the struggle.

I haven’t always loved my natural hair, I haven’t always adored it, I haven’t always been proud of my crown. SuprisingΒ huh?! Yea, suprising for me too! What was I thinking, this crown has always been popping. I was so caught up in society’s idea of what beautiful hair consisted of, that at one point of time, I was confused and searching for my natural hair identity.

Will he like me with my hair like this? (Shout out to the best Beau ever, he loves and adores my natural)

Will I get the job?

All my friends wear weaves, I’ll look different than them!

Why didn’t my hair turn out like that YouTube tutorial?

But my hair doesn’t look like hers, why?

I need to try this new product; it’s going to make my hair grow, curlier, prettier, etc.!

These are just a few things that at some point, I’ve thought about my crown. Shame on me! Why on earth would I ever be ashamed of these glorious coils. Afterall they’re a gift from God. My hair is me, it’s what was intended for Tomika, its apart of what makes me, me.

Learn to embrace your curls. Be patient with your hair. Get into a routine that works for YOU. Give your hair love (take care of it). Don’t wait until your hair is longer to love it, love it now.

6 years in the making and after an array of styles, mutiple big-chops, breakage, damage, shrinkage, pattern changes; you name it, I can “honestly truly” say, I love my hair. All it took was a little love and affection.

Pop on with your bad self! πŸ‘ΈπŸ½


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