Birthday Reflections and Blessings . . . 36 be good to me

Birthdays are extremely important to me, for me it’s God/Universe way of letting us know; there’s still work to be done. It’s a celebration of life and what greater gift is there, than life.


I brought in my 35th birthday with my bestie getting engaged and my good friend having a surprise wedding . . . An amazingly awesome start to 35; don’t you think

I cried . . . Honestly, I don’t even remember why. Tears are good, they enforce healing

I laughed . . . I’ve had some really good laughs this year (Medicine for the soul)

I was confused about life (God what is it that I’m supposed to be doing)

I was afraid . . . Failure, Swiftly approaching my 40’s and still being single (not married), Dying one day and not fully utilizing my God given talents

I gave to others even when I didn’t have it (Life is totally about giving, we were created to give and help others along their journey)

I let go and loved harder . . . Didn’t realize I was doing more harm than good, always wanting to be in control, overthinking . . . I learned that . . . “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage” I decided to do what made my soul happy, no restrictions

My faith was challenged (Woo, thank God for affirmations and positive thinking)

My first born graduated High School and started College (One of the happiest and most exciting days in my life; proud mama bear)

I started back blogging (Yeaaa me, I promise I’m not going to stop this time; I LOVE writing)

I felt trapped in a position that I didn’t enjoy; which lead to me accomplishing more at my job; in one year, than the entire 5 1/2 years that I had been there . . . awards, accolades, certificates galore (I stopped making excuses and decided to make the best of a not so great situation. Apparently this is where I’m supposed to be ‘For now’, I’m making the best of this until my next assignment comes)

I gave up cheese (never really been a dairy person but pizza, cheese burgers and pastas were my favorites)

I became a Vegan for ONE month . . . I wasn’t about that life, I started disappearing . . . I narrowed it down to only chicken and turkey . . . my goodness it was hard giving up bacon

I purchased my first live Christmas tree The honey and I went to a Christmas Tree Farm and we had a blast . . . new tradition

I started back working out and it felt amazing; however, I’ve slacked up greatly . . . back at it soon

Did I mention, my faith was TESTED and that I loved harder (Love is an amazingly awesome thing when it’s genuine)

As I reflect back on 35, a part of me doesn’t even know how I survived it (where on earth does my strength come from) What I do know, is that my blessings and the universe good karma was always right on time. Thank God I don’t look like what I’ve been through.

I’m going to sashay into 36 like it belongs to just me . . . Confidence, Class, Positivity, Faith, New Home (speaking it into my life), Debt free (speaking it into my life), Love, Happiness, and Lots of Laughter.

I brought in my born day celebrating life; how good it’s been and how amazing it’s about to become . . . I got my first happy birthday wish around midnight from my first born, I’m so proud of that kid. Later I received a recorded birthday wish, from the cutest little voice . . . My second born, my love bug, my son Caden. I went to work (yea fun) came home to flowers on the dinning room table, awesome surprise, thanks mom and my good friend Winston. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a flower and candles lover. You can buy me those things and I’m a happy camper. I later enjoyed karaoke with my favorite girls and a few awesome gentlemen. I couldn’t sing the night away unfortunately because I’ve had a sore throat and became very hoarse. My girls are amazing, they came out to celebrate life with me on a “school night”, total awesomeness. Although, I didnt get to sing; I danced until I couldn’t dance anymore. I love to dance, it’s so freeing. I ended my bornday with my favorite guy, whom I love so dearly, we enjoyed an early lunch with big bro. Caught a movie and saw Birth of a Nation, which was an awesome movie. We ended our night, at my favorite burger joint, Yeah Burger; where we enjoyed our usual . . . Turkey burgers, with pickles, mustard, and BBQ sauce.  We sat at our usual spot on the patio and conversed about life, our conversations are always so awesome and amazing and ever so passionate. Thank God for placing someone into my life, that loves to talk as much as I. Lol Overall, my born day was great. 36 feels no different than 35, I just promise to enjoy life way more than I have in my past.

Cheers to an amazingly awesome and fabulous 36th birthday and life!

💋 -Mika T.-


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