Fall is here and I’m excited about Fashions

So, Fall is here and I couldn’t be more excited. Β It’s my most favorite time of the year. There are an array of things that make Fall so special to me . . . New beginnings, my birthday, perfect weather, colorful and beautiful scenery, and of course fashion.

For me, Fall Fashion is all about layering. In the look(s) above, I took old pieces from my closet (mixed season items) . . . wallah, the perfect and ever so effortless Fall ensemble.

I paired some old Levi’s; which I ripped a hole in the knee myself (Summer 16 I think I ripped holes in ALL my jeans, woo somebody is going to be cold this winter) I purchased them from a Levi’s outlet in Daytona Florida

My sweatshirt; I purchased from Zara about maybe two years ago (maybe three)

My sleeveless cardigan that I purchased from Target (hat from Target also; totally, super, disrespectfully old . . . Actually, I prefer vintage)

Zara black stiletto pumps (purchased about 2 years)

Oh my hair; I flat-twisted, and Bantu knotted out to the Gawdssss . . . I topped my look off with @MacCosmetics Vintage Ruby Woo.

Until next time, happy layering. πŸ’‹ Mika T.

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