“Fashion Opinion Not Cared About” Gotta love Lady Gaga

I love, love, love me some Lady Gaga A.K.A Stefani Germanotta, I think I may just have a “Girl Crush”. LOL… When I say “Fashion Opinion Not Cared About”, Gaga doesn’t give a flip flap flying crap what you, me, the media or anyone else thinks of her Fashionable, yet bazaar wardrobe. I personally love every minute of her raw, uncut style. I love Gaga’s style simply because she does her, she doesn’t care what others think, she does what she has to do to keep ahead of the game.

Soda Cans...super hot! Photo via Mo Jackson

Gaga has been seen spotted around town, at award shows, in her videos rocking some of the weirdest Fashions; however as always quite Fashionable. Lady G most recent mind-blowing fashion risk had to be the soda can in her hair; however this isn’t the first time that a celeb. has rocked out with soda cans in their hair, nope…celebrities such as music artist Ashanti rocked a set of Green Beer cans in her traces and Model/Actress Tyra Banks rocked soda cans Β  in her weave during a photo shoot.

Gotta love the bird's nest! Photo by Frank Micelotta

*I must admit I thought that it was kind of hot & funky* From the “Twitter” baby bird nest on her head @ the 2009 VMA’s, Gaga continues toΒ give it to us…she continues to shock and amaze and I absolutely LOVE IT. I must admit that I wouldn’t dare attempt to wear 90% of what Lady G. rocks, but what does my little ol’ opinion matter…she’s Gaga, she can rock nothing but “Chocolate Icing” and still look fierce. *Kinda of hot don’t you think* LOL…

Lady Gaga can rock whatever she wants as long as her talent in music continues to excel. BTW (By the way) if you haven’t checked out either of her albums “The Fame” & “The Fame Monster” I suggest you carry your little booty down to your nearest music store and purchase her albums. I must admit to rocking Lady G @ least 3 times a day. Talking about “Fashion Opinion Not Cared About”…Gotta Love Gaga!

Check out her site: http://www.ladygaga.com/telephone

Purchase her albums: http://www.walmart.com/ip/13032169?sourceid=1500000000000003260400&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=13032169

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