“My Hometown Girl Is Fashionable and Stylist”

“My very first blog” *Excitement gathers on the inside of me, tear tear* LOL…

My hometown girl; (Well not my girl as if I know “Ms. Thang” personally) however Monica and I are “Georgia Peaches” or as the none Georgians call us “Unicorns”. *snickers* Unicorns: Born and raised and still reside in your city of birth.

Soooo…I’m absolutely loving the new CD (Still Standing), it hit stores Tuesday March 23rd and was nowhere to be found in the ATL when I went looking through the city. According to Best Buy and Target, the CD had sold out by lunch time. No fret, by Wednesday the CD was back on stands and I was ever so happy to get my copy. I must say to Ms. Mo…JOB WELL DONE, the more I listen the more I LOVE IT.

Let’s talk about these fashions honey… *I mean that is what this blog is about, right!?!?!?*…Ms. Monica is giving it to us. First and foremost, that album cover…Monica is giving us nothing but face and the face is absolutely flawless and exudes beauty. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! Something I definitely believe in, a little is a lot…”Only great minds can afford a simple style” ~author unknown~ From the “Everything to me” video where Monica works it in her Alexander McQueen wardrobe… (RIP Alexander McQueen, the Fashion world misses your presence.)… to the album cover and the inserts with mama Arnold and Kids, to these funky and ultra sexy hair styles Ms. Mo has been seen rocking lately…Monica in my opinion is the true definition of Fashionable and Stylist.

I’m giving Kudos and major props to “My Hometown Girl” Monica! I hope the album does major numbers and keep up that ever so Fashionable look, “Ms. Thang”. Welcome back Ms. Arnold, the world has missed you!

"Monica at DTLR in Atlanta signing her CD for fans" ~Photo by FreddyO
"Mo working it as usual"

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